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We pick the vinyl. You enjoy it.

We pick one

We spend weeks listening to as much new music as we can, then try to decide on just one record for you to listen to

They pick one

We then choose a guest selector - it could be a DJ, a jazz trumpeter, a singer songwriter or someone else who simply loves music - and they choose their favourite record of the month

We send it

We then mail both records out to you, carefully packaged with love to make sure they arrive in one piece

How we select records.

Each month we pick a guest selector who's taste we rate to pick something fresh and exciting, and then we go away and pick a companion record. Something that compliments, but offers something different, so you'll never get two of the same type of record each month. If you want to find out more about our selection process, and have a look at our previous issues then head over to our Crate page.

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Here's what others say

I love this idea. It harkens back to the days where you’d walk into your regular record shop and the guy behind the counter would give you a wave, turn around and start picking out the latest releases he thinks you’d like… I miss those moments, and anything that can give a little bit of that back is A-OK with me.

DJ Worx

Catering for those who love music but simply don’t have the time to be trawling through crates of records at their local shop anymore,


The record choice is spot on and away from the mainstream choices, like say you get with rough trade subscription... It's more unique, the 12" inch" is an added bonus and not something I would spend time searching for. It's actually made me expand my music taste and go into areas that I would never had...

Wax & Stamp Subscriber

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